At Maddison Consultants we are
organically growing and have a renowned
international reputation

As an organically growing independent company, with a renowned international reputation – Maddison Consultants are a unique specialist consultancy within the building services sector, providing unrivalled, specialist knowledge to many UK and Global businesses.

If you need a global partner that can offer consistent best practice within international markets, for Talent Management, Training and Executive and Board Services, then Maddison is your ideal partner of choice. The Maddison team always meet and surpass the expectations of their clients.

Maddison Consultants have a focus on integrity, service and delivery and have worked very hard over the years to build their reputation, because in this highly competitive market, reputation is everything.

Best practice in
talent management, training,
and Executive and board services


Maddison is a talent management consultancy practice, driven by our belief that people are the most important asset to make a difference to business results. Having the most talented and superior employees in your team gives a measurable edge over your competition and can mean the difference between a failing or highly successful company.

Talent management is a business strategy that must be fully integrated within all of the employee related processes of an organisation. We have a range of recruitment and training services available to enable this to happen and for those decision makers, whose role it is, to ensure their company employ the right person in the right job at the right time.

Our dedicated team

Our dedicated team of highly trained, professional consultants work within specialised business areas and will deliver to your business needs, whatever your requirements.

For our client's, many of whom are global giants, we are an essential supplier, providing their most important asset – 'A' list personnel. It comes as no surprise that some of the most successful global brands have developed a long term relationship with Maddison Consultants.

To our candidates, we are an invaluable resource. We are a friendly, knowledgeable team of niche specialists. We don't try to push them into just any role, we take a long term approach, taking time to get to know them and thereby delivering the advice that's best for them. You will find many of the most successful people in our industry have worked with us over a period of years, relying on us to steer them towards the right roles at the right time.

our partner clients receive
one point of contact


Our approach

Our approach combines simplicity with excellence.

Our partner clients receive one point of contact as we believe delivering a consistent level of service is vitally important. Our international network of unrivalled consultant's from within our in-house team, offer integrated solutions, tailored towards different cultures, business processes and individual company needs.

Through close relationships with our clients, we are able to choose the most beneficial team and provide innovative solutions to suit the many unique challenges that each respective client may present.

wherever in the world you need us
we can execute the right package for you


Working with the Best

Our clients are at the top of their game and give their utmost to constantly strengthen their position within global markets. We know that no two clients are the same and that every business is unique so at Maddison we adapt to your operations.

What do our clients expect from us?

They expect seamless, high quality, consistent, honest hard work and delivery of tailor-made solutions that generate clear added value every time, and that's exactly what we deliver.

Our solutions are based on a fusion of local and global knowledge and the ability to handle the challenges of national and international business. Regional and national companies aspire to become international. With our dedicated team at Maddison we have personal experience of making a business global, with a solid international reach, this is why our clients trust us when tackling a demanding recruitment program.

Why do leading organisations choose to work with us?

We have a profound understanding of business. Our proven methodology and tools are matched by fantastic people combined with a global reach. Our integrated solutions achieve results.

Maddison are the experts at talent management and are able to understand and identify good versus great talent.